Welcome to Villa CP! This guest book will provide you everything you need to know about the area and our home. We’ve packed it with our years of local knowledge, including favourite restaurants, attractions, and more. You’ll also find everything you need to know about our home, from the WiFi code to breakfast options. See also the FAQ. 

Our Home
We have tried to equip our home to a high standard and to anticipate your needs by providing all the things you might want for a luxurious stay. Pool towels, kitchen  essentials, toilet paper and so on are provided as standard and we have a washing machine and drier for your laundry.

Our Philosophy
You want to have a wonderful holiday and we want that for you too. This is your home for however long you are staying and we hope you’ll be relaxed, comfortable and happy. We respect your privacy and we trust you to do the right thing as you would at home. We are available at all times to help and assist you. Welcome to your private mountain paradise!


Check-in time is 17:00 (5pm).

We can sometimes arrange an early or late check-in, so please contact us and we’ll do our best, without any promises!

Driving directions

We email the exact driving directions to you a week or so before arrival. It’s 75 mins from Barcelona and 6km from the nearest village, Cassà de la Selva.

Arrival procedure

Either Co or Guy will be waiting for you at the house, so please try to arrive at the agreed time. Best to drive straight to the house, then shop afterwards, once you’ve had a chance to relax and have a refreshing drink on arrival. Supermarkets are 10 minutes’ drive and they’re open late, until 21.00, Monday to Saturday.

No smoking

Please don’t smoke anywhere in the house.

WiFi, Internet

We give you the password for wifi on arrival.  More information here. All rooms also have ethernet cable sockets so you can plug in your laptop for example. And there’s an Apple TV.

THERMOSTATS for heating and cooling

Please don’t adjust the thermostats. Explanation


Please keep the gates closed at all times. Wild boar can destroy the garden.


If you have booked daily maid service, Monica will come and clean daily at 9.00 Monday to Saturday. She will also bring fresh bread/croissants if you ask her, to save you a trip to the village. You can pay her direct.  Breakfast options


Don’t leave bin bags outside, they attract animals.

  • If you have booked daily cleaning, Monica takes rubbish away.
  • If not, please take your rubbish to the recycling bins (next to supermarkets).


You have one set of house keys and a buzzer. The top button of the buzzer opens the upper gate. The lower gate is not electric. The lower gate is best when you leave at the end of your stay, see below. Lost keys cost €10 each. The buzzer is a high-security version and a technician has to visit to reset the system if it is lost or broken: cost €140.


Very important: Don’t go in the plant zone! Please explain to small children that it can damage the plants and cause a big mess. The swimming zone is separated from the plants by a low wall, so you’re swimming in crystal clear water. The water is from our natural well. The water in the swimming zone is filtered by a modern saline-electrolysis system with UV. It is 2 metres at the deep end. There is no fence around the pool. Children must be supervised by adults at all times.


  • Use bags of charcoal only please.
  • The law says, you must keep the water hose connected, as a fire precaution.
  • Don’t throw ashes away in the garden, they could be hot. Put the fire out with the hose when you have finished.

Tools are in the drawer under the microwave. You can use our coals and fire lighters but please replace them. Smoking is ok by the barbecue, but not on the terrace near the house, please.


tilalom.jpgExcept for coals on the barbecue, fires and fireworks are illegal from 15 March to 15 October. Extra restrictions may apply.

If you see a forest fire or smoke on the horizon, stay calm, phone us and we will check with the local police. If you are worried, close all windows and doors, then drive to Cassa de la Selva. Phone us as soon as you can. 


Please bring them inside, or cover them with the big white cover, when you go out for the day and also at night.


Please wind them down at night and when you go out for the day. Strong winds can break them.


It is not necessary to use the alarm.


Just press the “O” to start, then adjust the temperature with your finger, like using an iPhone. You can’t adjust the temperature without a pan on the hob. It’s an induction cooker so only steel pots and pans can be used.


Xevi is a local taxi with a big luxury VW 8-seater van: Tel 627440440 (+34627440440) or email xevitaxi@gmail.com. (Xevi is pronounced Chevvy.)

TV / Netflix

The TV is for Netflix, DVD’s and videos but at the moment there is no live TV signal to watch satellite tv. You can connect your phone/computer via Apple TV.

No pets

Sorry, pets are not allowed.


  • Remember departure time is 10.00 (10am).
  • Close all windows and doors.
  • Protect the cushions from rain.
  • Lower parasols and lock them in position.
  • Unlock the lower gate.
  • Leave the keys and buzzer in the kitchen and close the front door behind you.
  • Exit through the lower gate. Close it behind you before you drive away.

Any questions or doubts, please call Co and Guy or send us a text/WhatsApp. See also the FAQ