In the summer, instead of air conditioning, we have cooled floors.

  • They are silent.
  • They don’t cause smell or cold draughts.
  • And they are also more energy-efficient – if the thermostat is correctly adjusted.

This photo shows the correct setting for the thermostats in the summer.

Most important: it’s set to COOL! And the desired temperature is in the range 20C-22C.

Please don’t adjust the thermostats in the summer!

  • If you accidentally set it to HEAT, it will just stop working completely.
  • If you set the temperature too low, say 15C, the floor will become so cold that you will cause condensation. That makes the floors wet! And it uses a ton of energy! And they take a very very long time to recover!
  • The system is very slow to change the temperature, anyway. It takes a few days.
  • We have learned over the years, that the best advice is, please, don’t touch the thermostats 🙂