From our hill top at Villa CP you will often see balloons in the sky, usually early in the morning or late afternoon. You can book a flight in a hot air balloon here or on this page, or here.

Flights usually last about an hour and are available all year, weather permitting. Children must be age 5 or more. Flights are usually early in the morning because the wind tends to be more predictable.

All the following flight operators are experienced and recommended. After landing and packing up the balloon, they will bring you back by car to the airfield.

Globus Barcelona: Colomers, 45 minutes by car from Villa CP. Email Tel 665704265

Camins de Vent: Verges, 45 mins by car from Villa CP. Tel 629385757, email

Globus Emporda: Colomers, 45 mins by car from Villa CP. Tel 620846742 Email: