The marshes of Aiguamolls de l’Empordà are a protected area of natural beauty, just up the coast from Villa CP, about an hour’s drive. It’s a beautiful, calm and mostly flat landscape, so walking is easy.

And it’s a great place for bird watching. Over 300 species of birds use it as a migration stop on the north-south routes, to and from Africa, especially during the spring (March to May) and autumn (August to October).

More information

The natural park of Aiguamolls de l’Emporà has a pretty good website:

Getting there

By car is best. Set your Tomtom, Google Maps, GPS navigator, etc to Sant Pere Pescador.


  • Greek ruins from 575BC (archaeological website here)
  • Sant Marti d’Empúries has long, sandy beaches and a nice little square with cafes and restaurants.
  • Roses is a busy beach town.
  • Empuriabrava is a very odd resort built on canals. Not much fun without a boat.
  • Pals is a pretty hilltop village, famed for its surrounding rice fields. This whole area has a long tradition of rice growing. You can buy it, called arròs de Pals, in shops and from farms around the area. Today there are fewer fields under cultivation than in the past, but from May to September you will see the vivid green colour of the rice shoots as you travel around the region.


Over 300 species of migrating birds visit on their way to and from Africa
A peristyle house from the ancient Greek ruined settlement of Emporion, 575BC
Aiguamolls is between the towns of Roses and l’Escala