Fancy a nice long walk through the forest?

  • St Mateu de Montnegre (6km)
  • From there, continue to Els Àngels, another 6km.
  • Take a picnic and water.
  • There’s no shop at St Mateu so you will want that picnic and water. Els Àngels has a cafeteria and sanctuary/hostel and incredible views all around.
  • Total distance there and back is either 12km as far as St Mateu or 24km to els Àngels.

We have done both these routes, both on foot and cycling with mountain bikes. An alternative could be to drive to St Mateu and walk to els Àngels and back.

It is a very quiet route, along a winding track, that follows the ridge of the mountains. You have views out to the Mediterranean or to the Pyrenees on the other side. You are unlikely to see more than 1 or 2 other people along the way until you get close to els Àngels where there are cyclists and cars but it’s still a quiet road.

Of course, for a shorter walk, you can just walk out of your own front door and explore the forest. You can go anywhere in the forest that isn’t closed off with a locked gate or a fence.