There are 4 mountain bikes available at the house, 2 are carbon fibre high quality machines and 2 more are good quality and also suitable for children. You can cycle anywhere you like inside the forest or on the local roads which are quiet (but steep!) Monica has the keys, just ask her to show you where to find them.

Catalunya is a great country for cyclists. There are thousands of routes in this area. Road cycling, off-road cycling or even lazy flat cycling for softies… it’s all here.

The area around Villa CP is very popular with all kinds of cyclists. The house is fairly near to one of the most challenging routes in the area, a picturesque and quiet road with steep climbs in both directions leading to the peak at Santa Pellaia (350m altitude). There are more bikes on this road than cars, mainly cycling clubs from the region.

And of course you are in the forest of the Gavarres so there are also thousands of kilometres of off-road tracks for mountain bikers to put their ATBs to the test.

Other options for cycling: you can rent electric bikes here in Cassà de la Selva, they’re called Burricleta.

They have suggested routes too.